Laura L. Shook D.C.
807 N. Waco (NW corner Waco & Murdock)
Suite 21
Wichita, KS 67203
Hours: Monday - Friday - 8:00 am - 5 pm
a chiropractor with an office located near downtown Wichita KS
I operate a “one woman office”. I provide the chiropractic care. I answer the phone, I fuss with the computer and I water the plants. If a number has been transposed, I probably did it. If you have a question, I am the woman you ask. If, when you call, the voicemail picks up then please leave a message so I can return your call at my first opportunity.
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“Chiropractic” translates “Practices with Hands”. I use my hands, eyes, ears, a few tools, and many years of clinical experience to evaluate and treat the muscles and joints of my patients. When we talk on the phone I will hear your story. When you speak I will listen. When you move I will observe. When I touch your back, neck, hips, legs, arms, feet, hands I will feel the texture and tone of your muscles and the mobility of your joints.
By Appointment Only